Bark and Call - putting your pets first - The best dog walking, dog sitting and dog boarding in Cheltenham


Dog Walking:
Group Walks     : £13/hour 
Unfortunately we do not offer individual walks

Doggy Day care:
Rates are £20.00/day, this is loosely based on your dog staying with us from 9am-5pm.

Puppy/Animal Visits:
We will drop in on your animals,  play with your pet, top up food and water bowls, let them out for a toilet break, and make sure everything is ok. £6.50 (Mon-Fri) £7.50 (Sat & Sun and Bank Holidays.)

Cat Feeding:
This is a new service we are offering, where we will go into your home and make sure you're cats are ok, we will feed them, change litter trays, move post, open/close curtains etc. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Dog Boarding:
Prices start from £25.00/day. Prices vary so please contact me for your personal quote. We charge by 24 hour period. Please note we cannot take entire male dogs.

Pet Taxi:
I will come and collect your pet, take them to the vet either with you or in your absence, if required. Or I can collect them and drop them of anywhere they need to be, such as you need your cat or dog dropping off at a family members house, when you are at work etc.


When you go ahead with the booking some of the forms below will be required to be filled out, don't worry I'll let you know which ones:

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